Inclusion (SEN) Policy

Special Educational Needs - What is the Local Offer? 

NCC are required to publish information about services available for children and young people (aged 0-25) with special educational needs and disabilities. This is called The Local Offer, this link will direct you to the NCC website and appropriate page.

Rectory Farm Primary School is an inclusive school. Children, parents/carers and visitors receive a very warm welcome. There is a calm and caring atmosphere in the school with children enjoying their learning and working hard. The school meets its aim to provide a happy, caring and secure place where each person is valued as an individual and fully included in the school community.

Rectory Farm Primary School is totally focused on improving the attainment of all children. Children are making good progress. The school has a very good understanding of the abilities and achievements of all of the children. Teachers are skilled in analysing data and in tracking the progress of each and every one of the children in the school. Data is analysed to inform the progress, attendance and behaviour of individuals and cohorts and used to inform target setting. There is structured monitoring and observation of teaching and learning and scrutiny of planning, marking and of the children’s work. There are regular progress meetings to ensure that all children are on track to meet their predicted targets. The core values of respect, responsibility, justice, courage and compassion chosen by the parents/carers and staff and are very prominently displayed around the school and integrated into classroom learning.

The headteacher, staff and governors are committed to the inclusion of all children. Staff know the children very well. Children are very positive about their school and say that teachers make learning ‘fun’. Interventions are closely monitored and challenged to ensure that they are effective and providing value for money. Teachers and teaching assistants work very closely together. Classrooms and corridors are full of attractive displays of children’s work which endorse the message that Rectory Farm Primary School is clearly focused on learning. Children work hard, are enthusiastic and know classroom routines and expectations. Teachers plan to meet the needs of each child and learning intentions are made very clear. Support is provided in-class as well as through small group teaching, 1:1 and in booster classes. Children are regularly consulted about their learning and are becoming skilled in self-assessment.

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. There is a very well equipped ICT Suite and banks of computers are situated in the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 areas. Teachers and children use these very well to support learning. Parents/carers say that the school is an inclusive school. They say that their children ‘love school’ and that their children receive the encouragement and support to achieve. Parents/carers say how much they value the termly progress meetings.

Rectory Farm Primary School has a very supportive governing body and a knowledgeable Chair of Governors. The Chair of Governors is clear that ‘We are an inclusive school’. Governors have first-hand knowledge of the school as well as access to data and receive regular reports and briefings. They both challenge and support the work of the school. Children benefit from educational visits and residential experiences and make visits to places of worship such as the church, mosque, synagogue and Gurdwara during religious education week. The ethos of Rectory Farm Primary School is one of an inclusive, caring community which clearly teaches the core values of respect, responsibility, justice, courage and compassion.